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August 24, 2007
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11th Hour - ch 3, pg 3 by LynxGriffin 11th Hour - ch 3, pg 3 by LynxGriffin
Sorry this update took a little longer! I spent more time on the page than usual, so hopefully that'll make up for it being late. :P King Mickey, ironically, remains one of the more difficult characters to draw...

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Credit for the original idea goes to :iconrebmakash: and her theories here: [link]
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YAY!! abother page! I hope you can get in the other pages
It's a greatly-drawn page, as usual. But still, their noses.. they just annoy me. I mean, Sora and Riku have gone from looking so cool in the game, but the big noses are kind of... bleh. Ruins it. No offence, though. :D
Whee, updates finally! And with more of my Rikky-kins, no less. *wibble*

Good luck on the Mickey front. =P
he is a pain in the arse. Him and Donald. DX But luckly, I don't like drawing them anyway.
You can't forget to add that King Mickey is a pain to try to keep into character when you have to write him. I was wondering why they didn't show him until the end of Kingdom Hearts. Through fanfiction writing, I now the reason. It's because he's so hard to write! Either way, this is a great page.
As for Mickey not being much in KH1 (aside from the storyline) I also heard that it wasn't just because Disney was putting limits on him, but also because they couldn't figure out how they wanted to portray his ears in 3D: it's why you only see him briefly at the end, and you only see Minnie from the front. Minnie's model is also the only one in the journal you can't rotate in KH1.

That said, Mickey is a difficult character to write, but he's also a lot of fun once you get into it. *Just finished a long multichapter fic on King Mickey*
I'm never satisfied with the famous mouse. I try to write, but then I'm like, 'oh man, this is not what he would do!' it's funny how the ears were a bigger problem, got me laughing. i'll besure to read your fic if you put it up.
It doesn't help that he's so often behind the sidelines in the games, so the most we see him in action is in CoM!

(The fic is actually already up; it's on
Asaki-Kakan Aug 24, 2007   Photographer
I heard, actually, that the reason he wasnt in till the end of Kingdom Hearts was because Disney was putting limits on how much they could show him in the game.

Then with the game being such a success, they allowed him to have a more active roll in the second game.
That's understandible and rational. I just figured because he's hard to keep into character. That's why you have to respect the Japanese and of course Walt Disney himself!
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