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October 6, 2010
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Heartless Comm 5 - Maleficent by LynxGriffin Heartless Comm 5 - Maleficent by LynxGriffin
Fifth of many Heartless commissions for the month of October.

This was once again for :icondigipinky75910:, who asked for a Nobody form for Maleficent. Naturally, a Nobody of her would be pretty draconian in nature, so a lot of the dragoons are in there.

If you're interested, I'm doing 9-dollar Heartless commissions for the month of October. You can check out details here: [link] There's still plenty of space available!
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Hmm... A twilight dragon, huh? Nice.

I can see Maleficent's desire for revenge and domination being enough to create a situation where she becomes a nobody.

Nice job on this one.
Thanks a bunch!
If I didn't know that Maleficent had a dragon form, I would have never recognized her as a Nobody.

Wouldn't Maleficent's casted off shell form an Org XIII member? After all, her heart WAS strong enough to lead the combined forces of the Heartless when they were at the height of their power. Even with Terranort pulling the strings in the backround, that requires some power...

KH!Maleficent is easily one of the most underrated Square main baddies out there, when in fact she is easily one of their most powerful and successful (and to say that she leaves Disney!Maleficent in her dust would be like saying a nuke is a more potent kind of fireworks...). She in part lead one of the most universe shredding campaigns of destruction ever seen in the KH universe (barring the Keyblade Wars), greater then any of the other races or factions. Yet she had no keyblade, was not an artificially created super-Heartless, was not a being of pure darkness (despite her claims) that could create legions of monsters from her emotions, or Leader by simply being the first. No, she got to where she was in lo of those powers through sheer magickal talent and the Dark STRENGTH of her heart. Despite Baldinorts manipulations, she got to where she was on her own wits and talents, and now she's set to be top dog once more...

Lastly, she willed herself back to life through sheer will and mastery of darkness, for Kingdom Hearts sake!
Wow. Hey, no denying Male's awesomeness here, in any media. But yeah, I wanted to see her Dragon form, or here, her Dragoon form. Hey, say she turns into this of her own accord.

Here's a version of her in Org coat: [link]
*For these particular commissions.

(Man I wish it was possible to edit dA comments...)
You're overthinking this a little, dude. XD; I agree that Maleficent is an awesome and very powerful villain in the series, and probably would make a human-shaped Nobody if that happened. This was just a commission, with Maleficent in the look that the commissioner asked for. Gor these particular commissions I'm only doing lesser Nobodies, not Organization members.
techn04life Oct 7, 2010  Student Artist
damnnnnn soooo cool!!!
JaceyRae Oct 7, 2010   Writer
I want to meet this in-game so bad.
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