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Scratch by LynxGriffin Scratch by LynxGriffin
Another character from 'Scratch and the Tooth Troll'!

This is Scratch! He is a mouse. Or rather, he used to be one.

He used to be a mouse until the day he wandered across the kitchen floor of Hugo Montracky, a wood carver and trader. Hugo had picked up an unusual-looking urn from a traveling salesman with shifty eyes. This urn was, in fact, a cursed urn (as urns often are). And when Hugo tried to put some flowers in it for his wife, this pissed off the urn, and it cursed him to switch bodies with the nearest living creature. That happened to be Scratch.

Now, normally Scratch would be looking for a way to reverse this curse. Except when he first switched bodies with Hugo, he was so shocked at the change that he accidentally knocked over the cursed urn...onto his mouse body. This both shattered the urn and squashed Hugo flat. Oops.

So, he's decided just to suck it up and live with being a human. It's not all that easy, though, since Scratch still keeps some of his mouse-ish tendencies. Most importantly, his tendency to chew and gnaw on everything. (His mouse sister, Chew, liked to scratch things. Go figure.) This is a source of major annoyance for everyone in the village, especially his wife. What's worse, no one seems to believe that he's really a mouse. The only one who does believe him is Mona, the wood goddess. (Being a goddess helps you with stuff like that). She suggests he seek out a path to the Tooth Troll, who could do something about his habitual chewing. Or his use of teeth in general. And perhaps in the process, he can find a way to help everyone in Little Things! If he can just find a way past the Worldsnake...
Post-Lit Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
That's AWESOME!!! Can we see Chew? She sounds amazing :XD: But Scratch is the shiz - hope he gets pass that Worldsnake :)
Blaze-Typhoon Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2010
Wow, this guy has no luck, of course neither did his counterpart
Lazuli24 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
He's adorable. :)
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